April 3, 2011

Two Times More Views?

The simplest things like web design can make a big difference.

For example, not revealing your entire post on the blog page so that your readers want to click on the post to read the rest, gives an extra view. So if 100 people read your blog, that would give another 100 views. Think about the difference it could make! In theory this could make the difference of how much money you make per month in big sums! Want to know how? Read the rest of this blog as an example!

Okay, to add the "expandable post" option on your blog, you click "insert jump break" while you're making your post at the top and it looks like this:


Also, making your new blog posts related to recent events that everyone knows about or is interested in, is another smart move. Many aspire-to-be celebrities made parodies of Rebecca Black, remember! Friday~ Friday~ Kickin in the Back Seat!


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  1. This blog is filled with so many great tips. Thank you so much for sharing!