April 3, 2011

Adsense and the Like

Want some pocket money?

Blogging is definitely a fair opportunity to earn some money and achieve typing skills. The typical way of revenue for bloggers are ad service providers - such as Adsense, AdBrite, and BidVertiser. So, how do the bloggers make money?

Well if a web surfer browsing your blog clicks an ad, it generates an amount of money that builds up until you can/wish to withdraw it. Don't think you can trick them! If you receive an uncanny amount of clicks in comparison to how many views you've got - it causes an unbalanced CTR (Click to Rate) and makes Google suspicious, generally around 5% is a normal CTR. So make sure it's balanced!

How much money will you make per click? It varies - it can be from anywhere between 0.01c to a whopping $3! (Well that's what I'm assuming from past experience). So, if you are lucky, and have 5% CTR with 1000 views, then you could be making around ... you calculate!

Want to start off with BidVertiser? Great! Simply click below:


  1. An interesting idea - I never really thought of using adsense on my blog, but you know what, maybe I could make a little money

    Thanks for the tip friend :)